Suncal Organics


Suncal Organics

« Not from a lab »

We wanted to offer better beverages and give them a soul again. Authentic ingredients and simple formulations create delicious and healthy drinks.

French made

We are encouraging Made in France products. Therefore it was natural to settle down and produce our drinks in France, and work as much as possible with local businesses.

San Francisco born

Premières micro-productions

First micro-productions

Début de l'aventure

Beginnings in San Francisco

Coupe et pressage manuel

Manual cut and press

Tampon brûleur pour cartons

Burning stamp for boxes

Dégustations avec les amis à SF

Tasting with friends

First event June 2016

From San Francisco to Biarritz

« I went out for a poke bowl with a friend I surfed with in Santa Cruz, CA. He got us each a Moscow Mule cocktail. It was a revelation. The freshness and uniqueness of the ginger beer really inspired me. » — Damien Poulain

Damien decided to create the ginger beer of his dreams. With no experience in the food industry and a full-time job in IT, he would go home in the evenings and press ginger and lemons tirelessly, adding yeast to the mix in the old-fashioned way. The yeast was later replaced with carbon dioxide, making it lighter, fresher, less like a beer, and more like a soft drink. After much taste-testing in the US and France, GINGEUR was born.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Damien decided to bring his new product to France and introduce the French culinary tradition to ginger beer and craft sodas. He left San Francisco with his wife Adriana in May 2016 and gave everything up to kick start Suncal Organics.


Damien Poulain

Damien Poulain

Founder & CEO